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Let's face it. The holidays can either be warm magical times of love, or they can be a hectic race of buying gifts and attending parties. This affects our parenting. We want to give our kids the world but we also fear spoiling them. How do we parent our children during the holidays in a healthy way? And how does the original message of Christmas affect the way we celebrate the season?

Parenting the Holidays with Grace

is an open community event designed for parents of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have one kid or three, toddlers or teenagers, come join us for round table discussions and for proven tips from seasoned parents.

In Blakely Hall Sunday night 6:30pm-8:30pm November 19th 2017.

Your worth does not come from your parenting skills or the obedient performance of your children. This is the original message of Christmas, and it has practical implications for how we navigate the incessant demands for new toys and the other holiday craziness.




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