Current Sermon Series

Thousands of years ago Mark sat down to record the Jesus story. He wove together the conflicts, the healings, the disputes, and the startling deeds that were all part of the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. No one ever talked or acted like this man did and it sent a stir through the Roman Empire, eventually turning it on its head. 

Partnering with Valley Life Church and The Shift Church in Oregon as well as Soma Renton, Taproot Church in Burien and Carnation Bible Church we have been studying this amazing book since last Spring. And now, all the churches are preaching through it together. It is exciting to be part of a group of churches who are all growing in God's word together through the same book.

 The first week of the series, on October 6th, we did a dramatic reading of the entire gospel instead of preaching a sermon. It is a powerful way to encounter God's word and you would be blessed to listen to the recording. The other messages we have preached on Mark can also be found on our media page.

So come join us for the Jesus Scandal and explore Jesus' controversial identity for yourself.