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Oct 08, 2017

Why Here Why Now?

Passage: Acts 17:23-31

Speaker: Steve Patton

Series: General Topics

Joining Jesus As He Unites All Things
  1. Know God personally like you know Steak and enjoy eating of it 
  2. Don’t hold onto things or take pride in possessions - material things are not the main thing  
    1. House 
    2. Car 
    3. Children 
    4. Spouse  
    5. ?? 
  3. We can enjoy race or ethic because it points to the same source v. 26 
    1. Software engineers are packed in with Artists from Ballard 
  4. God is not far from you - people are trying to find something that sustains them continuously  
    1. Neighbor is trying to find God  
    2. Alcohol 
    3. Work 
    4. Things  
  5. Others will show what Jesus looks like  
    1. Mexican  
    2. Chinese 
    3. Dietrich Bonhoeffer had to learn to love Jews, blacks in Harlem, after Harlem Renaissance  

That’s why now why here