Celebration Sunday

Celebration Sunday 10 AM

Help Soma Eastside Church celebrate changed lives!

In our busy lives we often forget to slow down and celebrate the good things. But on Sunday September 17th that is exactly what we plan to do.

We hope you will join us on the shores of Lake Sammamish for our outdoor church service. There will be new friends, good food, lawn games, live music, a gospel message and stories of transformed lives. If you plan to come please bring a side dish to share!

Being at the lake gives us the perfect opportunity to baptize anyone who has decided to follow Jesus. Getting baptized is the first step someone takes after believing the good news.

Here is the address for Camp Sambica:



The good news is that God made us to be at home with him and to find our happiness in him. But, our plight as humans is that we have wandered away from that and lived for self.

All of us, in one way or another, have looked for happiness in created things rather than the Creator himself. Jesus understood our plight and came to lay down his life in our place to bring us back home to God.

God proved that Jesus was the one we should trust and follow by raising him from the dead. Because of his perfect life, sacrificial death and victorious resurrection, we can come home to God. Our self-focused wandering and waywardness can be forgiven and pardoned.

Coming home to God like this is signified by getting baptized. Baptism, (being dunked under water and raised back up) is a symbol of new life. It is a way to identify with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Just as he was laid in the tomb we are laid in the water to show we are dying to our old way of living for self. And just as he was raised to new life, we are raised out of the water to live new lives for him. Lives of love, service and worship.  Getting baptized is something every Christian does. 

If you are interested in getting baptized at Sambica contact Paul Dean or Rich McCaskill