Some of our Team


Because of Jesus, we have been adopted into God's family. God is the perfect dad and we are his children. He loves us. He's in charge. And we bear his name. The Bible teaches that one of the ways God orders his household is to give responsibility to certain members who will care for, protect and guide the family. These leaders are called elders and they serve as a team. Below you'll see some of our team who get to lead in this way, plus others who serve the church in different areas in different capacities.

Paul Dean led the planting and establishing of Alathia Community Church in 2005. Alathia became Soma Issaquah in 2010. Paul holds a Ph.D. in U.S. History from Washington State University. He leads a missional community in the Issaquah Highlands. 

Rich McCaskill led the planting and establishing of Emmaus Road Church in 2006. He holds a BA in New Testament from Oral Roberts University and an M.Div. from Regent College in Vancouver BC. Emmaus Road became a part of Soma Eastside in 2012. He leads a missional Community in Bellevue.

Nick Volk has been an elder with Soma Eastside since 2013. He holds a BA in Business Administration from Washington State University, and an MA in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He leads a Missional Community in Issaquah with his wife Colleen.

Stephan Peck is our Youth Pastor.


Tyler Saldaña is our Pastoral Apprentice and Sunday Morning Producer for Soma Eastside. Before moving to Washington, he earned his BA in Ministry through the Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development. Tyler is married to Erin and lives in the Highlands.

Chad EderChad Eder has been on staff at Soma Eastside as our Director of Business and Finance since 2010.  Some of his areas of responsibility are: annual budget, human resource, vendor contracts, financial systems and general accounting.  Please keep Chad in prayer as he serves in this vital role within our church.

Misty lives on the Eastside and oversees Soma Kids as our Deacon. She is excited to see children hear about Jesus' love and encounter it for themselves. She works hard to train other adults and to make Soma Eastside a community where families can blossom. 


Art is the leader and coordinator of our Set-Up Teams. He ensures that all of our coffee equipment, music equipment and Soma Kids supplies are set up each week in  Pacific Cascade Middle School before our worship service begins. Art lives in Issaquah with his wife and three daughters.  


Julianna volunteers her time as our Administrative Assistant and communications expert. Julianna lives on the Eastside with her husband Jay. She has three grown kids and enjoys keeping people connected to God's mission, sending emails and playing golf.

Suzanne is our Deacon of Benevolence. She works hard to care for the people in the church and in the community with the resources God has given us. Suzanne believes we all have something to give and something to receive from the body of Christ. Her desire is to see the gospel transform people's lives in a holistic way. Her husband Tyson is a vital servant in the church as well. We are so grateful for their hard work that points away from themselves and highlights Jesus.